Intercom Systems

At Pulse Security Systems, we have a wide range of intercom systems which can be designed for your requirements. Anything from a standalone Audio intercom system, to a full network integrated system.

Audio/ Video Intercom Network System

The video door entry system from Hikvision enables you to see, talk and answer your door bell via Hik Connect Mobile Application. The audio/ Video system consist of the outdoor video calling unit and the internal touchscreen tablet.

The external door phone communicates with the indoor station with a built-in microphone and speaker that uses noise suppression and echo cancellation for a clear sound.

The indoor station from Hikvision has easy to use elegant tablet design that uses 1.3MP camera and built in micro phone and speaker.

Residents can communicate with other stations via video or audio call. You can even add additional indoor stations to the system, allowing you to have view who’s at the door/ gate from other locations.

Hikvision Two-Wire Video Intercom

Hik Vision’s latest addition to intercom systems is the new two wire video intercom, allowing to swap out an older intercom system and getting a full HD overview at the door or a gate and also connected to network which allows you to answer the call directly from the phone.

In a scenario you would have a gate, the video intercom can be connected to gate control and allow you to remotely open gate for the delivery guy or a guest.